Saferty Valve

[ 1. Independent safety valve ]
● L type 1/2 -2B
  Direct-acting threaded type.
● LF type 1/2 – 6B
  Direct-acting flange type.
For 3/4B or higher, a jacket can be provided.
● LFP type 1 – 4B
  Pilot flange type. An independent safety valve for high pressure.
Consult us if a jacket is needed.
● LFOV type 1/2 – 3B
  Completely sealed flange type for vacuum lines.
● LF-J type 3/4 – 4B
  Direct-acting flange type with a jacket. Made of SUS only.

Independent safety valve L type

Independent safety valve LF type

Independent safety valve LF-J type

■ Structural drawing (Independent safety valve)  See PDF

■ Specifications (Independent safety valve)  See PDF

[ 2. Built-in safety valve ]

● MCR type 1/2 – 4B MCR-2 type –
● HPR type 3/8 – 2B HPR-2 type –
● KHR type 1 1/2 – 6B KHR-10 type –
● OHR type 1 1/2 – 8B OHR-10G type –
The MC, HP, KH and OH types can have a built-in safety valve.
(Not possible for MC, KH and OH if a jacket is already provided. Contact us for details.)
The KR, HSR, KSR and VSR types have a built-in safety valve as standard.

For planning safety valves, see “Gear Pump Q&A Q8.” Gear Pump Q&A Q8.

KHR-Tv2 type built-in safety valve

■ Structural drawing (KHR-Tv2 type)  See PDF


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